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The age limit ruling and the peak of political posturing in Uganda

I have followed the discussions around the Age-Limit ruling with keen interest.  I have also read the thoughts of President Yoweri Museveni on the same.

Given the political context of Uganda, last week’s Constitution Court decision was easily predictable.  It was not surprising that the Court delivered a verdict in favor of lifting the age limits for presidential candidates.  The mere fact that even mama mboga down the street could have predicted (with precision) the ruling, it tells a lot about the Country’s judicial system as well as the existent pulls and pressures at play.  At the heart of the perceptions around the ruling is the sense that the Court could not have ruled differently given the circumstances and political context.
The age limit ruling in Mbale was more of political than legal.  Politically, the majority of Parliamentarians that voted for the removal of age limits were ‘thrown under the bus’ by the benefactor and sole beneficiary of the age limit amendment Act.

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