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Uganda’s steady progress to life presidency; the rough and tumble begins

It is with deep concern that the plan to amend article 102(b) of the 1995 Constitution to remove the 75 years age-limit for one to run for presidency is no longer diversionary or idle talk – as has been branded before.It is real.
Now that the Bill is reported to have been gazetted, it is official that Uganda is now hurtling towards establishing a life presidency.
Every word in defence of the removal of the age limit rings hollow; as all we know it is intended to safeguard just an individual in power. Not only is it wrong to legislate for a single individual, it places our fragile democratic path on the edge of a cliff.In fact, it borders on the personalization of not only the Constitution but also the state.
Limitations on the tenure and age were inserted in the 1995 Constitution to guarantee organized transition at Presidential level – especially given the history that Uganda has never enjoyed a smooth transition from one leader to another.
In 2005, Parliament unfortunately voted f…