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Here’s another ‘movement’ that could deliver a fundamental change

In the past, ‘movements’ that would always bring about change were always associated with mass numbers of people on the streets, marching, sloganeering and chanting words of revolution.This is fast changing.The past couple of months have given birth to a new form of movement here in Uganda – the WhatsApp ‘movement’.
Lately, I have been fascinated at how much organizing and mobilising happens on WhatsApp.Yes, mobilising for change!As I write this, I am on three WhatsApp groups; whose deliverable is to organize three different wedding functions respectively.The four other groups that I am on discuss current issues and once in a while, members on these forums will throw around some interesting ideas that in real sense could actually transform the country.The other two, are really ‘SACCO’ kind, self-help groups; while the other is an old students’ group.All these groups serve a noble purpose – to organize for some kind of change.
Over the last month or so, the WhatsApp ‘movement’ has manag…