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Here’s why international partnerships are inevitable

Lately, the talk around foreign powers’ involvement in local business (politics and socio-economics) seems to be a narrative that is being artificially sold with the aim of explaining some of the prevailing blemishes in the country. Those who are advancing such loose-tongued narratives indicate that ‘foreign interference’ is fomenting more problems than opportunities/solutions for the local context.I am one of those (few or many) people who contend that local challenges can aptly be fixed by local solutions. And local solutions (should) emerge organically from within the context of the challenge (problem).The context can be historical, political, cultural, social, economic or otherwise. There is however no exclusivity in solution finding.Therefore there is not a class/category/league/team of people that have the exclusive place to figure out answers to community problems.
Emphasis on community based solutions initiated by the communities themselves with support from local and/or foreig…

2016 is not yet over; there’s still a lot to collectively do!

I have heard some people speak as if the 2016 elections are over.This is inaccurate; 2016 is not yet over! Firstly, there are certain elections that are not yet held, including the important Local Council I elections.Secondly and most importantly, there are still unresolved issues – call them questions.And that is partly the reason why there is the presidential election petition number one of 2016 in the Supreme Court.
The prevailing thick air hovering over the pearl of Africa is not as a result of global warming – it is as a result of the unsettled questions on the context under which the elections were held – leave alone the polling day dynamics.While many Ugandans have silently felt contented that their vote counted, others feel impotent – that their vote did not count.Some braved the scotching sun; others braved the heavy rains especially in northern Uganda all in the name of fulfilling their civic duty, to vote.They didn’t do this in vain, they did this in anticipation that their …