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2017, a year of tribulations and a new re-awakening

Every year comes with its challenges and opportunities.When a year comes to an end, we tend to remember the last moments more. Many highs, many lows; but for Uganda the dying moments of 2017 could easily qualify as dampening.I will tell you why I think so, in a moment; but first, let’s toast to the opportunities well seized as well as the challenges encountered.Challenges are our best friends; they teach us lessons to be better people.
As we toast to a New Year, let’s celebrate life, let’s commiserate with those who lost their dear ones.
At a more professional level, it is just right and fitting that we empathize with our media friends whose resolve to keep Ugandans informed could have either landed them in jail or left them physically and emotionally bruised.Let’s salute the men and women in leadership positions who stood with Uganda amidst the murky political torrents.As we party away a year of scars, wounds, healing and successes, let’s also remember to toast to the men and women …